Tech Support



NEXGEN offers years of IT experience at a fraction of the cost it would require to hire an IT specialist full-time. Fast response time, a higher level of service, and customer relationships is our mission. Commercial businesses and government organizations can focus on their core competencies instead of trying to manage their IT infrastructure. By designing, developing and delivering customized Business IT Support and solutions, we help you streamline your IT functions, save costs, and improve your competitive position.

The true value of a business is its data and access to it. What would happen if you lost all of that data and were not able to recover it? Most businesses would not survive this type of catastrophe. At NEXGEN we offer easy-to-use maintenance plans, to prevent this catastrophe from happening at your place of business. We tailor each plan according to your specific needs. We are experts at maintaining servers, and desktops alike; making sure that data is backed up properly and safely.

Every business has its changes and requirements to stay current. Technology is no different. The process of keeping up with all of the changes can be time consuming and very expensive if not done correctly. We at NEXGEN will help you choose the wisest use of your technology dollars so that your company will grow and expand with technology trends, without wasting time and money along the way.

Server Setup and Maintenance

Servers are a great way to save money and to protect your data. If your network is setup properly, then you should be able to take any one desktop away from your network, and your workflow will not be hindered by much more than that one person working on that system.

Unfortunately, there are many networks out there that do not have the server configured correctly, so that businesses have spent a great deal of money on a piece of equipment that does little more than any one of the other computers in the network.

Once a server is set-up properly, it still requires regular maintenance. There are some automated systems that we will put into place, but without a watchful eye, problems can and will arise. Through proper maintenance we will make sure that all of your system logs are gone through and fixed.

We research and download only the updates that are needed. We will also ensure that all of the hardware is working properly, as well as make sure that proper backups are put in place and working as they should. Server maintenance is a necessary, routine business function.

IT Consulting

The technology world is vast, and at times can seem a bit overwhelming. We make it our mission daily to keep current with the ever changing world of technology so that you don’t have to. The businesses that save the most money in technology are the ones that allow us to help them during budget time with their technology needs.

At NEXGEN, we have done the research and will consolidate with your business needs considering where you want to grow for the future. This helps you buy the right item the first time, and saves the frustration of incompatibility and unneeded equipment upgrades. Why should you worry and create added stress in areas of daily business operations when you don’t have to?

Let NEXGEN help you with all of your technology decisions today, so that you can focus on growing your business tomorrow!

Networking and Network Security

With today’s technology, basic networking is now easier to set-up and configure, especially if you are setting up a home network.

NEXGEN offers Business IT Services to meet your business’s unique needs, with onsite computer repair you can trust.

However, if you are a business, and are dealing with other people’s information and are maintaining your company’s financials, then a basic home network solution may not be the best choice.


Remote Support


Who are the NEXGEN Experts?

NEXGEN provides unlimited remote support for your common PC problems. Our certified techs can diagnose and fix virtually any PC issue, all while you sit back and watch!

What can NEXGEN do for you?

Clean your PC of viruses and spyware.

Setup email accounts, printers, and other accessories for you.

Install and uninstall software, and perform local data backups.

How does Remote Support Work? It’s simple with these three easy steps:

Step 1. When you need help, just click your NEXGEN remote support desktop icon.

Step 2. Your Computer will start a chat session, and ask how he/she can help.

Step 3. Your NEXGEN technician will connect to your PC and fix the problem… all while you watch on-screen.