Computer Recycle


When it comes time to let go of that old dusty computer and upgrade to the latest and best, NEXGEN is here to help. Our safe and effective computer recycling methods to ensure that data, accessories, and personal information is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Best of all, we offer this service at NO CHARGE to the customer. It is very important that a computer is disposed of properly for many reasons. Personal data can easily be recovered if a PC is not disposed of properly. This can happen when throwing away the computer in your home trash or the city transfer station, selling or giving away the PC, or other improper methods of disposal. However there is good news, NEXGEN has a recycle process for everyone!


nexgen computer recycle free

Why NEXGEN Recycle?

Our recycle process includes everything you need from data destruction and proper chassis disposal at NO COST to the customer. With the NEXGEN process, you can be certain your information is safely disposed of and have piece of mind knowing its been terminated in the correct manner.

Its as easy as 1-2-3.

               1. Bring your Laptop or Desktop, with accessories or parts, into our store.

2. Sign a drop off form authorizing your computer to be recycled.

                                       3. Enjoy your in-store credit if authorized and begin shopping for your new computer!